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Německo: Antikenmuseum präsentiert wertvolle Sarkophage Německo/Irák/Sýrie: Germany to crack down on antiquity theft by ISISStředomoří: Water and the rise and fall of the Roman EmpireŘecko: Temple of Artemis in Vavrona flooded Kypr/Německo: German court to decide by March on fate of looted Cypriot treasures Turecko: Drought in Lake Van exposes long-submerged Ottoman structures Izrael: Israeli cave offers clues about when humans mastered fire Egypt: Rare scenes on ancient Egyptian coffin reveal influence of Persian Empire occupation / Does this coffin show Ancient Egypt’s decline? Patřila manželce neznámého faraona / Archeologové objevili v Egyptě hrobku faraónovy manželky / 3,000-year-old tomb of Egyptian queen unearthed in Luxor Tunisko: Tunisia adopts measures to safegaurd ancient Carthage Indie: 14th century bronze idols discovered Sibiř (Rusko): Archeolodzy prowadzili wykopaliska wśród syberyjskich kurhanów USA/Řecko: US to return Byzantine manuscript to Greece11. 2014Anglie: Axeheads, burials, knives and more from the Viking cemetery which amazed archaeologists in Cumbria Anglie: The Headless Romans: Headhunting, Defeated Gladiators or Natural River Movement?Skotsko: An Iron Age room with a view Kypr: Eighth season at Katalymata ton Plakoton completed Turecko: Ancient holy road to now serve tourism / Ancient Greek sacred road to now serve Turkish tourism Turecko/USA: US returns Turkish artifacts Florida (USA): Miami dredge project finds 18th century cannon10. 2014Británie: The Wreck Detectives Wales: Newport's Medieval Ship on the move Polsko: „Historie ponad granicami” w Elblągu Itálie: Ancient Roman statues emerge from British ambassador's garden in Rome Ukrajina: Polscy archeolodzy w starożytnej kolonii greckiej w TanaisŘecko: 'BEYOND.A review of contact between Trøndelag and Britain and Ireland Polsko: Zagadka grobu znad mazurskiego jeziora rozwiązana / Mystery of the grave by the Mazury lake solved Francie: Shackled individuals found in Gallo-Roman cemetery in southwest France Itálie: Work on Rome subway digs up ancient farm, tools / Subway Dig Unearths Ancient Farm in Heart of Modern RomeŘecko: Amphipolis frieze features bull and human formsŘecko: Road tunnel to run under ancient Greek cityÍrán: Behestan Castle in Zanjan Province in photos Jihoafrická republika: World's Oldest Art Identified in Half-Million-Year-Old Zigzag / Oldest ever engraving discovered on 500,000-year-old shellČína: Culture Insider: What did people eat in ancient China?USA: The surprising origins of Europeans New York (USA): New York City just opened up its New Amsterdam records, including Peter Stuyvesant's rules for drinking responsibly Austrálie: Archaeologists search for Queensland's Range Hotel Township which was wiped from the map2. 2014Slovensko: Na Slovensku pribudol nový archeopark Slovensko: Ukázať či skryť?Polsko: Ważne odkrycia bez użycia łopaty – archeolodzy w średniowiecznych grodziskach Itálie: Pompeii restored with help of artefact thieves / Guilty thieves return ancient Roman objects to PompeiiŘecko: 44-Clues to Amphipolis tomb’s mysterious occupant slowly surface (1) (2) (3)Malta: 50 new sites in Malta scheduled for protection Rusko: Ancient bronze ram unearthed in Phanagoria named Russia’s most compelling find in 2014Turecko: Bouleuterion unearthed in ancient Smyrna Turecko: Assembly of Romans finally comes to light Turecko: Scientists discover oldest stone tool ever found in Turkey / Scientists discover oldest stone tool ever found in Turkey Turecko: İznik’s basilica among top 10 discoveries Rusko: The Most Compelling Archaeological Discovery in Russia for 2014Izrael: Antiquities Authority finds 1,600-year-old glass bracelet with menorah inscription Izrael: Ancient synagogue unearthed in Magdala22. 2014Top 5 Archaeological Discoveries of 2014Slovensko: Reconstruction of a church floor unveils rare archaeological findings Polsko: Szczecińscy archeolodzy odkryli budowle megalityczne / Szczecin archaeologists discovered megalithic structures Polsko: Średniowieczny handel na wystawie w Poznaniu Polsko: The mystery of Chopin's death Polsko: Understanding the people of the lake Itálie: Sailors & Marines help to excavate ancient burial site in Parco Forestale Di Calaforno Itálie/Austrálie: Twenty-five century-old mystery uncoveredŘecko: First geophysical scan of Amphipolis mound releasedŘecko: The Southeast Naxos Survey 2015Čína: The site of ancient Sizhou city rediscovered Kanada: 13,800-year-old Haida site found underwater in Canada Mexiko: 100 years of the discovery of the Great Temple celebrated with an exhibition in Mexico Kostarika: Mysterious pre-Columbian spheres on show in Costa Rican capital21. 2014Archaeological Evidence for 1,700-Year-Old Chemical Warfare Itálie: Italy to bring private sector into its museums in effort to make a profit Indie: Prehistoric site spotted in Nalgonda Brazílie: Sonar maps and images created of steamship lost more than 100 years ago20. 2014Popular Archaeology Releases New Ebook Slovensko: Mŕtvi novorodenci, pes bez hlavy a prevarené kosti hovoria jasnou rečou: Kanibali na Slovensku! They left a water warning Did the Romans invent Christmas?/ Na Slovensku našli stopy po lidojedech Anglie: Rare festive finds discovered in Roman child's grave near Tamworth Irsko: Newgrange and the Winter Solstice Francie: Re-creating 36,000 year-old Chauvet cave art Egypt: BYU dig license revoked over 'million mummy' claim / BYU archaeology dig license revoked after controversial ‘mummies’ find Přední Východ: The Real Indy Turecko: The Jews and Anatolia: 2,500 years of history19. 2014Top 10 Archaeological Discoveries of 2014Anglie: Stonehenge dig finds 6,000 year old encampment / Archaeologists slam Stonehenge tunnel plan / Záhadné objavy v okolí Stonehengu môžu prepísať dejiny Anglie: Earliest bronze dagger ever found in Britain rediscovered with ancient chieftain(Severní) Irsko: Ireland’s Bronze Age gold Dánsko: Coin hoard found at Copenhagen star fortress Norsko: Vikings Never Gave Up: Viking Village Becomes a RealityŠvýcarsko: Rekonstruktion des Pfahlbauhauses geht nach Thayngen Německo: Landesdenkmalpflege ist von heute an im Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart gebündelt Německo: Drogen in Rinderzähnen nachgewiesen Německo: Jäger drängten Mammuts schon vor 30.000 Jahren zurück Německo: Wertvolles Glas: Zerbrechliche Vergangenheit bewahrenŠpanělsko: Digging up the 'Spanish Vikings' / Anchors provide clues to Spanish Vikings Itálie: Verona's amphitheatre to be restoredŘecko: More structures identified at Amphipolis mound Tunisko: Auf den Spuren einer Legende Turecko: Ottoman paint shop to open to tourists Kalifornie (USA): Arrow Heads and Other Artifacts Stolen from Lake Oroville State Recreation Area Recovered18. 2014Slovensko: Rímsky nápis už ťažko prečítaťPolsko: Kamienna amunicja na wystawie w KrakowieŘecko: Sanctuary of Asclepius in Epidaurus to get a makeover Turecko: Byzantine skull shows evidence of brain surgery Turecko: Thousands-year-old bones come to surface in Istanbul Egypt: Egypt reopens tomb as tourism falls / Egypt reopens tomb of Nefertari as tourism falls Izrael: Archaeologists unearth royal entry complex at Herodian Hilltop Palace / Monumental Entryway to King Herod’s Palace at Herodium Excavated / V Izraeli našli výborně zachovanou klenutou chodbu do Herodia Indonésie: Indonesian Cave Art Among Science's Top 10 Breakthroughs of 201417. Anglie: Earliest known piece of polyphonic music found Anglie: Archaeological dig uncovers 10,000 years of Northumberland history Skotsko: Tombs in Neolithic Orkney reveal ancient beliefs, taboos and superstitions of mourners and dead Skotsko: Virtual view for some of Scotland’s most iconic heritage sites Polsko: Legendarne początki Polski w Grzybowie Francie: Gothic cathedrals blend iron and stone Itálie: Vom Wallneregg zum „Roarer Windspiel“Řecko: Ancient Athens 3DŘecko: Neolithic remains found in hidden Greek island cave Kypr/Anglie: 12th century Cypriot looted frescoes presented in London Turecko: Human skeleton found in ancient city of Misis Egypt: Intriguing discoveries from million-mummy necropolis in Egypt revealed / Controversy surrounds excavation of million mummy tomb Súdán: Decapitated head of Emperor which amazed archaeologists in Sudan in 1910 goes on display Sýrie: The Destruction of Syria’s Cultural Patrimony / Widespread looting and damage to historical sites in Syria / Satellite images reveal plight of six Syrian sites USA: Commensal bacteria were critical shapers of early human populations Georgie (USA): South Georgia artifact thieves video their own crimes Florida (USA): MAI dig suggests human presence at Old Vero Man site Peru: Drone Footage Shows Extent Of Greenpeace's Damage To Peru's Nazca Site Austrálie: 'It's like spiritual genocide': CSG miner faces fresh fight to drill Indigenous heritage site16. 2014A Step Closer to the Mysterious Origin of the Viking Sword Ulfberht Slovensko: Veľmož zatiaľ odpočíva v sklade Anglie: Protesters take next step in Oswestry Hillfort homes battle Anglie: Mary Rose sailors had childhood rickets, study finds Skotsko: Neolithic and Bronze Age cists and tombs show tensions between changing prehistoric ideologies Dánsko: Venison with mead, haunches of boar and the occasional bowl of RISOTTO: The surprisingly tasty treats enjoyed by the Vikings revealed Polsko: Niesamowite odkrycie archeologiczne w powiecie chojnickim.

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750 years ago: Drier forests lost within decades, instead of centuries as previously thought4. Vzácne pamiatky si ideme zabetónovaťBritánie: The art world’s shame: why Britain must give its colonial booty backŘecko: The dead man who wasn’t there Turecko: New mosaics unearthed in ancient city of Zeugma Uzbekistán: Objev v Uzbekistánu.Anglie: Anglo-Saxon skeletons found in Suffolk dig / High status Anglo-Saxon burials in Suffolk, England, may be linked to ancient King of East Anglia Norsko: Keys Symbols of the Viking Women’s Independence Polsko: W Świętokrzyskiem archeolodzy odkryli prehistoryczny kurhan Itálie: Pompeii Pottery Workshop Frozen in Time: Photos / Vases in Pompeii Reveal Panic Before EruptionŘecko: Tests on ancient Amphipolis remains could take more than eight months / Amphipolis tomb remains could take months Izrael: Funds needed for Vatican synagogue in Israel / Funds needed to preserve ancient synagogue in Israel Sýrie/Irák: Islamic State Antiquities Trade Stretches To Europe, United States Sýrie: Archaeologists unearthing treasures just meters from ISILÍrán: Excavations uncover large ancient gate in 2,500-year-old city of Persepolis in IranČína: Archaeological site from Peking Man era unearthed in NE China Utah (USA): Utah Cave Full of Children’s Moccasins Sheds Light on Little-Known Ancient Culture16. 2014Irsko: Field in Waterford home to Ireland’s greatest Viking discoveries Německo: Recreating The Neolithic Toolkit Omán: Archaeologists Excavate Ancient Bronze Age Remains in Oman Východní Karolína (USA): Rubbish dig casts new light on pre-Columbian village15. 2014Tell-tales of war: Traditional stories highlight how ancient women survived Kypr: Excavations reveal shops and building in Nea Paphos Turecko: The Byzantium that is still with us Egypt/Anglie: Revealed: Modern medicine unwraps ancient mysteries of Bolton's 2,000-year-old child mummy Sýrie: Archaeologists discover 5,000 year old hieroglyphics at ancient site 20 METRES away from ISIS territory in Syria - and they want to turn it into a tourist attraction / Archeologové představili nálezy z místa poblíž syrských bojůKazachstán: Kazakh people practice the ancient art of hunting with golden eagles in Mongolia14. 2014Francie: Meet the ancestors: Exhibition at Bordeaux gallery reveals faces of prehistoric humans Německo: Tübinger Koranhandschrift älter als angenommen Německo: Kulturgut in Gefahr: Konferenz zu Raubgrabungen und illegalem Handel Itálie: The Appian Way on the wings of a bird Itálie: Latrines, sewers show varied ancient Roman diet / Latrines, sewers show varied ancient Roman diet Turecko: Construction company tries to cover up Byzantine structure with cement Turecko: Turkey’s immortal city gets new lease on life Saúdská Arábie: Saudi Arabia Bulldozes Over Its HeritageÍrán: Iran's archeological treasures made more vulnerable by tourist footfallČína: Ancient temple burned down to the ground in ShaanxiČína: Ears of ancient Chinese terra-cotta warriors offer clues to their creation / Ears of Ancient Chinese Terra-Cotta Warriors Offer Clues to Their Creation Sibiř (Rusko): Is this what Siberian men used to shave in 2,000BC?