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On the same day it is reported that the Provincial Affairs and Constitutional Development Minister Roelf Meyer will resign his Cabinet post on 1 March 1996 to become Secretary-General of the 'revamped' National Party. He will become deputy Executive Chairman of New Africa Investment Ltd.(NAIL).15 April, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission holds its opening session in East London.The party sought to recast its image by changing its name to the New National Party (NNP) in December 1998.2 July, the results of the local government elections in Kwazulu-Natal is released and indicate that Inkatha Freedom Party polled 44.50 percent of the votes, the African National Congress 33.22 percent.Ward results give Inkatha 562 seats, the African National Congress 512 and the National Party 187.

On 16 December 1995 the Commission began its work, with victims testifying in public hearings and perpetrators applying for amnesty.4 October, Identification Amendment Act No 47: Amended the 1986 Identification Act so as to repeal certain obsolete provisions, and ordered, with retrospective effect, that a new population register be compiled and maintained.Amnesty may now be sought for political crimes carried out up to , the date of his inauguration as President.Applications to the TRC is postponed to .10 December, two years after the first democratic election (1994) the President of the Republic of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, signs the final draft of the constitution into law at Sharpeville, Vereeniging.Commenced: 4 October 1995October, the Public Protector’s Office is established, in terms of Chapter Nine of the South African Constitution of 1996, as one of a cluster of institutions to strengthen the constitutional democracy of the Republic.

Before South Africa’s advent to democracy, the office was previously known as the Office of the Ombudsman which was established on 22 November 1991.10 November, Results of the national local government elections are published: 51.37% participated, 5.3 million people in total.South Africa wins the tournament, defeating New Zealand 15-12 in the final at Ellis Park.28 June, Name changes to three of South Africa's nine provinces are announced: Pretoria Witwatersrand and Vereeniging becomes Gauteng; Orange Free State becomes the Free State and the Northern Transvaal becomes the Northern Province.