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16-Oct-2017 05:33

We met over the weekend after a month of talking online and the rest is history!

:) Hye – Welcome to the most popular Armenian singles sites on the web.

With a baby waking up three times in one night prior to today I’m exhausted with a headache by the time night rolls around.

It’s eight o’clock and both of my girls are finally asleep.

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It isn’t long until I find my mind fading off to sleep.

But tell me how it looks and I will listen respectfully and empathetic. I currently live in sweden and would like to get to know someone to discover the world with and hopefully with time grow closer together an..

I am quite active person who loves challenges and learning new things.

The days with baby are long; early-morning wake up calls from the nursery followed by a full day of bottles, burps, diaper changes, playtime, unsuccessful naps, mess cleaning, appointments, classes and a mountain of other chores that we like to call the ‘baby admin.’ Let’s be honest – planning a date night and arranging childcare can feel like just another time consuming task when you’re exhausted by the time baby’s bedtime rolls around.

In early parenthood land, nodding off by 10 pm can feel more decadent than a swanky night out and getting a good night’s sleep can earn some serious locker room bragging rights.At Hye we are committed to providing you a safe and friendly environment where you can comfortably meet that special someone.

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