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His fat-coated, still-beating, enlarged heart was revealed outside of his chest (and its exposed rib cage) as the waiter ceremoniously presented him with the check, and then happened to notice the undigested mint inside Creosote's body cavity -- he delicately plucked it out and popped it in his mouth. We had everything going for us, but you f--ks wouldn't let me in. Well, you can take your magazine, your mansion and your movies and shove 'em ALL up your ass now. " Dorothy eventually demanded a divorce from Snider: "I want more freedom... I'm not the same girl I was in Vancouver." She became estranged from Snider and was dating director Aram Nicholas (Roger Rees) (a fictionalized version of Peter Bogdanovich who directed her in They All Laughed (1981)).This best death scene was taken from "Part VII: Death" of the comedy film. She met with Snider in their home, where she proposed leaving him half of her savings (,000), and refused to respond to Snider's plea to return to "make it like it was before." She was dismayed when he admitted he had bought a gun, and was contemplating suicide.that he was Luke's father, named Anakin Skywalker, who had been converted to the dark side. One of Gina's many shots struck Tony in the leg as she came closer and closer ("Oh, come on, Tony. He viewed his closed-circuit TV security cameras and watched as his residence was being surrounded and his security guards were being murdered outside his locked office. From a top view, the camera pulled back from the bloody scene. Brooks' (his first directorial effort) Best Picture-winning film was based on the novel of the same name by Larry Mc Murtry. In the film's funny, shocking, opening 8-minute vignette, a car passenger (Dan Aykroyd) and driver (Albert Brooks) were singing-along-to Creedence Clearwater Revival's "The Midnight Special" on a cassette.Vader saved his son from dying at the hands of the evil Emperor (Ian Mc Diarmid) by hurling the evil leader down a long shaft in the Death Star battle station, where his body exploded in a burst of energy. Coke-convulsed Tony took a one-man stand in the bloody finale against overwhelming odds, uttering the famous challenge with his super-charged weapon in his hands: "OK. It told about the thirty-year mother-daughter relationship between two women: One of the most tear-jerking death scenes ever recorded was in its conclusion. They challenged each other with trivia games (guessing various TV theme songs, e.g.

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With his table piled high with plates and throw-up everywhere, his determined waiter offered one last item: "Finally, monsieur, a wafer thin mint... I'm absolutely stuffed," the waiter persuasively said: "Just, just one."When the engorged man was fed the mint wafer, he chewed and swallowed it.It's only a tiny little thin one" - to end the meal. The waiter concluded the meal with a wishful "Bon appétit." Creosote began to swell as the waiter ran for cover, and the familiar Jaws music played.His table was soon overturned by his expanding girth.You know that making love to Fatima was the greatest pleasure of your life." Bond (differing): "Well, to be perfectly honest, there was this girl in Philadelphia." Fatima: "SHUT UP! The film basically intercut bits and pieces of the gory and despairing scene of the concluding double murder-suicide, foreshadowing what would eventually occur, as it told about Stratten's rise to fame in flashback, and Snider's descent into jealous and spiteful madness:"Not me. He mocked her: "You're gonna do me a big favor, huh? (He forced her onto the bed, laid naked on top of her and began to have intercourse) Now try to think of dear Aram if you can." After getting off of her and rolling her onto the floor, he continued having sex, but then shook his head, realizing that their good times were really over - he was reminded by the many photos on them from happier times pinned to the wall around them.

I am the best." Bond (agreeing): "In fact, I was going to put you in my memoirs as No. He reached for his shotgun and pointed the muzzle next to her cheek, as he blamed everyone else for their tragic end: "Can you hear me?Tribute was paid to the original film - it starred Al Pacino as the scar-faced title character Tony Montana - who was redefined as an exile from Castro's Cuba to Florida in the early 1980s. It soon became obvious that Anthony had actually entrapped everyone and was terrifying his 'family' in the house.