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He occupied the office of the Grand Mufti of India for over forty vear* till the end of his life, % The present work "lessons in Islam' 8 is a graded book and can serve as a very useful introduction to Islam, its basic tenets and the laws of Shariah that operate in our daily lives, ■ _ The book is in question-answer form ? It was perhaps meant to be useful to the young and the uninitiated. 134 Brought To You By IN ISLAM— BOOK Hi 49 Q, Can the articles such as knife or sword made of metals like iron, silver, copper or alu- minium be cleansed without washing ? Articles of metal like iron(which is free from rust) or of silver, gold, copper, aluminium or brass and those of glass, ivory, bone and pro- celain if they are clean and hav^ no engra V- ings on them can be cleansed by rubbing off the traces of filth and its impressions altoge- ther. What do we mean by a certain thing being without engravings ?

But the range that the book covers is fairly wide and it has been servingasoneofthemost authentic books of reference on Islam, its basic tenets its rcligio-lcgal laws (Fiqh) and its system of beliefs and rituals. A»s Engravings are marks that give an uneven surface to an object.

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Where no such differ- ence exists, choice has been made of words that convey the nuances of meaning more appropriately than others. Q,, How is it if a naked person performs the Salat? t£^ Ans, The prophets have performed a num- ber of miracles. Some well- known miracles are : The Staff fasa) of Hadrat Musa (peace be on him) turned into a serpent and swallowed lid all the magic snakes of the charmers.